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Your order will be processed on the first working day following the date on which you placed it and within 1-2 working days it will be entrusted to the courier after which you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking code to view the shipment details.

Don't worry if the tracking link is disabled or incorrect, it will activate within three working days and you will be able to view the delivery date.

Always check this link from which you can check delivery attempts that have already taken place and any problems the courier has in identifying your address.

We remind you that couriers do not deliver by appointment and there is no telephone contact. Furthermore, in the event of a failed delivery attempt, your order could be delivered to a pick up point without being notified beforehand. For this reason, we advise you to always monitor the tracking of your shipment.

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Gli ordini sono gestiti con velocità e cura. vengono poi fornire le informazioni per il loro di tracciamento.

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Servizio Clienti

A disposizione per domande o dubbi sui nostri prodotti o semplicemente per un consiglio sui tuoi outfit.

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